Craven Farm Hosts Second "Pooches in the Patch Day" by Popular Demand

Joey Muldowney - Thursday, October 24, 2019
Craven Farm Hosts Second "Pooches in the Patch Day" by Popular Demand

If you missed out on Craven Farm’s first ever Pooches in the Patch, have no fear because there will be another this Sunday the 27th from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The first run at this glorious puppy-filled day on September 22nd was such a success that the staff decided to squeeze one more smiley, dog-faced day in before Halloween.

If you weren’t there to experience the last pooch day, let me paint you a picture.


The day was blustery and wet. The rain came so quick there was sure to be mud, but the pumpkin patch was nothing but bright, warm faces. Massive rottweilers in shiny red raincoats played with packs of chihuahuas while their owners sipped on cider and proudly watched their pets experience some muddy fun.

Sandee Acevedo, the media and marketing manager at Craven, grew up working at Craven, she even homeschooled her son for a while in order to bring him out to Craven, to work and learn there. She says, “This is kind of my happy place.”

Sandee recalled the event with high praise: "Everyone seemed so happy. I mean, it was like the most laid back... just fun day. I mean even for all the workers. To see all the dogs. And Mark, -the owner of Craven- he had so much fun. The vibe in general was just awesome."

The whole Craven crew indeed seemed genuinely happy that day and are all looking forward to the next one with some added features. This next Pooches in the Patch will also feature a photo booth area for adorable photo opportunities and professional photographers nearby.

Of course, Craven offers more than just photo opportunities. There’s an enormous, beautiful pumpkin patch to pick through and wheelbarrows nearby to help. A variety of corn maze adventures to be meandered through. Mini golf, giant life-sized foosball, rubber ducky races, and hayrides (weather permitting) are all part of the Craven experience.

An apple slingshot before lunch helps to work up an appetite! This excellent contraption will confuse your dog a little though as apples are about the same size and shape as a tennis ball.

Last but not least, there is a small petting zoo with some adorably sweet animals and a gift shop. This is, however, one of the only places dogs will not be allowed, but there is a Craven employee standing outside of the area who is happy to hold your pet while you explore.


The Craven crew truly thought of everything to ensure that everyone has an excellent time and the farm stays nice. When you enter the event you are greeted with a waste bag in case you forgot and a dog bone to make you and your pet feel welcomed.

Sandee was also very conscious of the fact that there are a lot of families with small kids who come to Craven Farm and understood that dogs could be a safety concern, especially with kids who are not used to dogs.

They knew the day they had the first pooch day wouldn't be very busy, as opening day. They knew there wouldn't be any field trips out there because pooch day was on a Sunday rather than during the week. Sandee recalls, "It worked great. It was packed."

All the dogs who came out were very social dogs, there wasn't a whole lot of barking or mayhem. Sandee said, "They were good dogs, you know, they were well socialized dogs, I guess you could say. Or they were dogs who were coming with owners who are working on socializing their dog."

In order to continue to keep this glorious day around and make it another Craven tradition, there are some rules to follow that can be found on Cravens’ website:

Or you could read them right here:


  • All dogs must be leashed (no retractable leashes)
  • No dogs in heat
  • No temperamental or aggressive dogs
  • Clean up after your dog (please bring your own poop bags)
  • No dogs allowed in the animal barn
  • Please do not allow your child to approach a dog without the owner's permission
  • Remember to bring water and poop bags!

See you on the pumpkin patch!



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